About Us

I recently stumbled upon a genealogy that I must have written as a high school assignment. At the very end, I wrote a paragraph about myself that starts, “I’ve had a pretty much uneventful life so far.” For the day to day, I’d still stand by that statement. I’m indisputably still as awkward and anxious, and self-deprecation remains my favorite coping mechanism. The difference between me then and me now, though, is I don’t let anxious, awkward me get in the way of experiencing the world and the many, many perspectives, lifestyles, and wonders that make it up. In fact, these characteristics give me my own unique view-finder for all the adventures in this blog. I’m not the seasoned, fearless, dreadlocked-vagabond who somehow survives off of farm communes and Buddhist retreats in cloud-shrouded mountains, but I like to learn about how the “Others” live and see what breathtaking things I can see along the way.  This blog serves as a way for me to process and share each new avenue as I navigate each afresh with a healthy dose of laughing at my missteps along the way. So whether I wander for work, adventure, relaxation, beauty, friendship, or love, I hope that you’ll enjoy reading the musings of a Gish out of water.