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So that’s what it feels like…

First off, my apologies for taking so long to update. Between spotty internet access, trips to the immigration office, and beginning my bahasa Indonesia classes, I haven’t had much time. A quick…

September 3, 2010

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The “Bule” Effect

As Ibu Sitha and I pulled away from the crowded streets near Sarinah, Sitha rolled up the car windows: “It’s not a fear factor…it’s because of the you factor; the bule factor.&…

August 30, 2010

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Day 6

I LOVE SATE AYAM! Yes, I will shout it, thankyouverymuch. Sate Ayam is chicken kabob covered in peanut sauce, and it is fantastic. I was beginning to get worried that I wouldn’t find any Indones…

August 27, 2010

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